GLAMPOP x The Dessert Museum (TDM)

The cap is off on this sprinkle-filled collab, and we're over the donut-shaped moon! Imagine the happiest place on earth - but for your tummy! This is what The Dessert Museum is. A giant space with 8-themed rooms where all your dessert-filled fantasies come to life.

And now each room has a sprinkles medley to match the theme!! Yipee! These will be exclusively available and sold at The Dessert Museum, so you can take a piece of the magic from your favorite rooms home with you, and into your kitchen! Here's a peek:

"The Donut Room"

"Room of Ten Thousand Marshmallows" 

"Land of Giant Gummies"


But the best news of it all is we're giving away 2-FREE PINK TICKETS as well as some exclusive TDM sprinks to one lucky winner. So be sure to follow our IG page to find out the details on how to win the hottest PINK TICKET in town!

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