To bake, or Not to Bake

These sugar cookies got a makeover and a nice pop of colors with one of the newest items in The Pantry. This latest collection is a jumble of items we love to play with in the kitchen and lots of which we use in the creation of our medleys that we also just LOVE to use solo!
But here's something that not many people know right off the bat. Which is that not all sprinkles are meant for the oven.
We made a Valentines day batch of these Vday Funfetti Sugar Cookie Sandwiches for a #girlsjustwannabakefun shoot last year using the Unicorn Mane's Jimmies mix because it is one of those things you can bake! As opposed to components like chocolate sixlets or metallic dragees which are impacted by the heat in your oven. 
Things like jimmies (the stringy sprinkle rods) and nonpareils (the tiny little balls) are perfect for the oven, and we also love to add them to our batter, or directly into frostings, and save the medleys for decorating the outside of the baked goods, where bigger details can be used and better seen ;) 
Our #girlsjustwannabakefun Valentine's day cookies got finished off with both the Purple Rain and Love Potion medleys because we couldn't pick just one! 
If you love these kinds of tips, drop us a line! We'll gladly add more of them as we've learned lots from the experimental chaos we call our happy kitchen!

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