So I recently had a birthday, and it was a special one because I got to spend it back home in Canada with my fam. I was greeted in both my residential timezones (Manila and Toronto), so it really felt like my birthday was a 2-day affair. 

But while the greets, presents, lunch/dinner outing invites poured in - I didn't feel like it was my birthday because I had yet to see a cake in my vicinity!

IKR, a cake artist with no cake! It should be illegal... This is when I chuckle at the fact that I'm probably an intimidating recipient of pastries. (Which should so NOT be the case!)

Luckily my sister knew I was in "pre-freakout" mode and had a cake waiting for me during the "Hey, it's my birthday...oh wait, it's also Mother's Day" BBQ lunch weekend visit.

When it was finally time for the cake (because I waited oh so impatiently!), we all had a blast decorating with a full array of GLAMPOP Designer Sprinkles. It was the perfect way to bring the chocolate with chocolate on chocolate cake (sis knows me well) to life with new bursts of colours, and also have a blast with the kiddies! 

In the end, one of my most favourite birthday memories :)

Side note: We learnt NEVER to give little kids full access to the sprinkles bottles. Omg, there were tiny chocolate finger prints on everything! But with that face above, so worth it!


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