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ICE ICE BABY premium medley mix is as cold as ice, gotta say it twice - ice! Guaranteed to cool even the hottest of hearts. It should only be handled with a mitten clad hand! With cool wintery shades of blue and white jimmies, baby blue, blue and white nonpareils, silver hearts and rods, baby blue sixlets, and cool waves of blue to teal dragees, along with white chocolate balls. It will leave you singing ...Vanilla, ice ice baby all day long!

Product Disclaimers:

  • Our sprinkles PET bottles are conveniently made for pouring and storing. They are food safe and are sealed to prolong the life of your GLAMPOP Designer Sprinkles
  • Bottle Dimensions: 73.5 mm height and 77 mm body
  • 100% recyclable ♲
  • Currently offered in our standard 145 g (5 1/8 oz) bottle
  • Mixes containing metallic dragees can be very hard and, as with any hard candy, may represent a choking hazard for small children and a risk to your teeth. Please consume with caution. Medleys containing these metallic dragees contain food colors not approved by the FDA and should be considered decoration only
  • All colours are custom blended and thus dragees can sustain slight colour variations from batch to batch
  • Some of our Designer Sprinkle Mixes may be manufactured and/or processed in facilities that process nuts, gluten, egg, and dairy. Therefore making cross-contamination possible